• Principal Juarez

21 Days???

(originally published 5/19/21)

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

It seems impossible that there are only 21 days left of school, yet it’s true! Thank you for your support throughout the year, right on through to the finish line. Our lives feel like they are returning to a little more normalcy every day (that roar you might have heard was my girls cheering the return of sleepovers at grandma’s). Through these last 21 days, however, California’s requirements for masks on campus remain unchanged, so as we continue to keep school the safest place it can be, I want to extend a huge “Thank you” for the masks parents continue to wear at pick-up and drop-off, and for your reminders to students to continue their safe habits as well. (One quick note from the nurse’s corner: Please remember that if your child develops symptoms and needs to obtain a COVID test before returning to school, this must be a “PCR” test, and not a rapid test. I’ve had great luck getting County site results back within 24 hrs!)

Our students and teachers have continued to reimagine traditions in order to create joy in learning for our students (6th grade camp, BizTown, Jog-a-Thon, more), and we will continue to do that right through the end of school. Please look for information coming home specific to your child’s grade level that will replace the traditional on-campus Open House this year, and allow you and your child to celebrate his/her/their learning!

Looking forward to next year, have you considered how you can help your FV community? We’re in dire need of Flora Vista EEF (Foundation) leadership and treasurer help, so if you want to be part of a team that decides how best to support our community, or keeps the accounting of how we pay for it, we’d like to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me directly and I can put you in touch with the right people or we can talk together! With limits on volunteers on campus, we’ve had a few parents doing an incredible amount of the heavy lifting this year, so we’re grateful for any support you can provide next year.

In Gratitude,

Chris Juarez, Principal

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