• Principal Juarez

A little thing called "conference week."

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

This week is the first real progress check of the year for most parents, and our teachers have spent countless hours preparing: Giving students opportunities to show what they are capable of, sharing the results with you, and planning for a yearlong home-school partnership that will be an enriching and fulfilling one for you and your child! Today also happens to be my OWN first parent conference for my kindergartner. As an educator, while it’s true that I know some of the things I don’t need to worry about at this age, I DO relate to many of the same questions you might have this week (“Is she kind to others?”, “Do others play with her?”, and “Just 20 minutes?”) It has been a very rewarding start to our Flora Vista school year, watching our teachers plan intentionally for the relationships and activities that will empower our students to be young citizens of their world. Our classroom communities are a microcosm of this larger world, and our students are showing us that we are going to be in good hands!

Please remember to mark your calendars for Fall Break, which starts on October 21 and runs through Nov. 3. We will return to school on November 4. Remember, our Jog-a-Thon will be coming up quickly, the 3rd Friday after the break, on November 22!

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to partnering with us in the education of your child, and I wish you all a wonderful fall break with your families.

Chris Juarez


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