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Back to School Information for Parents!

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

This is one of the most rewarding times of the year, seeing how happy our students are to start up the new school year at Flora Vista, and watching our teachers create the physical and emotional space for children to feel that they have a safe place to learn and to THRIVE at Flora Vista. This year, we are thrilled to have Mrs. Rachel Bimer join us in 1st grade, Ms. Kelly Gorman in 2nd grade, and Ms. Sarah Scudder in 6th grade. Please join me in welcoming them as we embark on a great year together! Here are several upcoming opportunities to hear more about Flora Vista updates and to join the conversation:

Back to School Night: Thursday August 29

This is a night for the adults only, hearing from your child’s teacher about curriculum and FV/EUSD programs, such as iReady Math and TRAC support for social emotional learning (slides with first-day info HERE<>)

  *  5:30-6:00  Primary grade classroom presentations   *  6:00-6:30  Principal/PTA/EEF presentation in the MPR   *  6:30-7:00  Upper grade classroom presentations

Principal’s Chats: August 26, October 7, and November 19

These informal conversations start with some brief FV updates and are then guided by the interests and questions of the parents in attendance (Media Center, 8:05am).

Evening at FV with Superintendent Dr. Andree Grey: Thursday Oct 3, 6pm (refreshments at 5:30pm)

Please join us at an evening PTA General Association Meeting to hear EUSD updates from Dr. Grey, including more about the TRAC program.

School Safety:

We know when a parent sends a child to school, the MOST important thing you want to feel is that your child is safe. We take this responsibility very seriously, train throughout the year (staff and students), and constantly reevaluate our safety protocols. There are opportunities throughout the year to hear about our plans and to contribute valuable insight to the discussion, including Principal’s Chats (a topic August 26) and School Site Council meetings (a topic September 17). Notably, programs like TRAC and “Start With Hello” are important, because we know that inclusive school communities make for safer schools. This is also a topic that was incorporated into our Back-to-School assemblies this week!

Looking forward to a great year and to seeing you around campus soon.

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