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Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

Thank you for such positive feedback about the wheel and enrichment offerings this year! Each year, we attempt to put in place the very best programming we can, to complete a well-rounded education for each student. A significant portion of the funding comes from parent contributions, and in addition to the “Walk through the Wheel” surveys, we also survey staff, parents, and students each spring about what is most important to them. I read every response throughout the year, and wanted to offer some general info that may be useful. At Flora Vista, we operate with some significant classroom/MPR space constraints, and our program offerings reflect what we can offer within the available space. At infrequent times throughout the year, a wheel class may be displaced to a smaller space when we have an event in the MPR, which occurred during the “Walk through the Wheel” week. Please know this is unusual. We also had an occurrence with a change in enrichment staffing leading to an absence during the week, also very unusual but something that does unfortunately happen. Overall, we were happy to see that the response and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we appreciate the time you took to submit those surveys. Flora Vista had the highest participation for the “Walk” of any of our EUSD schools, so we thank you for your partnership in the education of your child, and for your ongoing financial support of these programs!

Lastly, on the note of “What matters to students, matters!”, last night we had a full house of fourth grade students at the EUSD Board Meeting, sharing their projects that they have been engaged in with our superintendent and school board. As I frequently say to visitors and guests to FV/EUSD, the mantra of “educating future leaders” seriously underestimates our students! Our students are becoming the leaders of TODAY in their communities. The work of our teachers and students is inspiring, and their presentation last night was a great celebration of this effort!

In Gratitude,

Chris Juarez


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