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On Learning Mathematics

What a beautiful Back-to-School Night on our campus! Thank you for being here with our teachers to create those very important home-school connections on behalf of our students. If you missed the MPR presentation, highlights from the slides are linked on the FV home page HERE, including the TRAC program (starting Tuesday) to support students’ Social Emotional Learning, and the ongoing support for math concept development using a new math resource districtwide, Ready/iReady Math.

Our work in math is a personal passion of mine, as I was the poster child for why we teach this way. All through my school career, I was the fastest, highest-scoring kid in math, but looking back on those years, I was never challenged to think - I was only challenged to learn a procedure and follow it on a piece of paper. But this beautiful subject of mathematics is about soooo much more than computing – it should be a rich, engaging, playful, empowering experience that provides students tools to solve real problems. We eliminated timed tests of math facts several years ago, because that experience does NOT measure math ability or achievement, but DOES create an anxiety that pushes students out of math & science pathways. We love mathematics, and want our students to love it, too! For a great short read on this topic, please see Jo Boaler’s article in Scientific American HERE.

Our “wheel” and other enrichment started this week, and students K-6 are loving these opportunities, which include some returning favorites and several new enrichment staff (Science & Yoga/P.E.)! Our enrichment relies heavily on the generosity of our parent donations, so please take a moment to donate to the Falcon Fund today, in whatever way you can.

In gratitude, as we looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

Chris Juarez


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