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Online Training for FV Volunteers

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

Thank you for the great response to our Volunteer Trainings this week. Almost 100 volunteers attended the in-person trainings, and more than 30 have already completed the videos and quiz, just in the first two days! This is a new protocol for FV/EUSD, and we are grateful for your patience as we navigate the initial questions that arise in this process, and put in place a system that can only help keep our schools even safer. We are so fortunate to have the amazing volunteer force that we do! Please continue to reach out if you have any questions, and if you missed the weekend email with all of the links, here they are:

Part 1 (3:25)

Part 2 (17:04)

Part 3 (9:35)


These are also linked on our FV website Parent Page.

As we look ahead to parent conferences next week, remember every day will be an early dismissal (12:45pm). Thank you to our teachers for all the time they are spending this week getting the most current assessment information from our students, to share with you next week. It is helpful to plan ahead for any key questions you may have, since the 20-minute conference time passes very quickly. And, as always, we encourage parents to keep in mind that every assessment score (AR, Literably, iReady) is just that – ONE score. Children should never be defined by a number, and we should never put too much stock in any one score (whether high OR low). Your child’s teacher will be able to give you a more complete picture of your child’s progress than any one score can provide, as well as next steps for him/her and how you can help at home.

Lastly, HERE is the flyer for the Emergency Preparedness parent night coming up at OPE on November 7, presented by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Childcare and translation services will be available. (Spanish flyer HERE.)

In Gratitude,

Chris Juarez


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