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Principal's Corner

Dear Flora Vista Families,

It seems impossible to believe that the winter break is almost upon us, but next Wednesday is the last school day of 2021! This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year, with our teachers creating learning opportunities and celebrations that help students (and adults) learn about and embrace the many traditions in our community and our world.

At the same time we celebrate traditions, we celebrate the progress of our students. Teachers are busy gathering current info about students’ learning, and report cards will be sent home January 21. Our grade level teams will each then be meeting with the FV support staff team to review individual student needs and strategies/supports in place to ensure all students are achieving to the best of their ability. You may have seen/heard some of the acronyms used by EUSD schools in this process, in particular “DBCI” and “MTSS”. Here’s an overview of what these terms mean: - DBCI (or “Data-Based Consultative Intervention”), as its name suggests, relies on data (an organized system of measuring student progress with specific strategies/supports in place) and consulting (classroom teacher consults with support staff regarding appropriate strategies/supports). The consultative piece is what sets DBCI apart from other tiered systems, with classroom teachers having quick access to all the school site specialists to ensure appropriateness of classroom interventions. - MTSS, or “Multi-Tiered System of Support” utilizes the DBCI process to bring tiers of supports to students. In “Tier 1”, core universal supports are implemented for all students to support academic, behavioral, and social success. For students that may be struggling in one or more areas, the grade level team and support staff identify a range of intervention supports, implemented first by the classroom teacher and then later on by the teacher and intervention staff if a student demonstrates a need not met by previous interventions (referred to as “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” interventions). If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please make sure to communicate with his/her/their teacher. We are so fortunate at Flora Vista to not only have strong teachers, but also the most skilled and caring team of support staff specialists I’ve had in my career, and together these teams are working to make sure all children are on a course to have the best year possible. Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration in that effort!

Chris Juarez Principal

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