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Returning to in-person school

As we approach the return to in-person school, I wanted to call attention to a VERY important health notes that you will also be hearing more about in EUSD updates. Families need to anticipate and consider this information in your planning, as it is critical to the health of our community. If your child has flu-like or COVID-like symptoms, do not send them to school. Keep them home until symptoms resolve, and hopefully they will be well and can come back very soon. If your child comes to school with symptoms, they must be sent home and cannot then return to school until ten days past the onset of symptoms, or with proof of a PCR COVID Viral test (and with test, 72 hours after all symptoms are fully resolved). The CDC sets the criteria that counties and districts train on and implement in order to reduce the spread of COVID in our communities, and we are doing everything we can to keep schools safe and open. This is a huge change to typical school, so please be aware!

A second note in regards to opening is that the small class sizes in many of our classes present many learning and instructional advantages, but in some cases the REALLY small A/B section size will also present a challenge to the social emotional support for students at the very start of the year, as they may be in an A or B section with only 2 or 3 of their same-gender peers (though all sections are balanced). Our teachers, TRAC teacher, school psychologist, and other support staff are aware that the social emotional health and well-being of our students is key and will require our ongoing attention as we welcome students back to school. The morning whole-class Zooms will start each day with a live connection for all A/B students in the class, and while we know this isn’t enough, it’s one of the tools that we can use to help start each student’s day with a smile!

Thank you, and please look for continued updates from FV/EUSD as we near the return to campus!

Chris Juarez


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