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(Originally published 5/12/21)

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

It feels like we’re now getting into the “sweet spot” of the year, as the celebrations have begun! At last night’s EUSD Board meeting, Flora Vista was proud to honor three incredible students as our Students of the Year, as well as our Volunteer of the Year for 2021:

-Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Student of the Year: Ryken Mansavage

-ACSA Student Standout: Lily Olucha

-EUSD Student of the Year: Ruby Ligotti

-Volunteer of the Year: Kate Tobin

Congratulations to Ryken, Lily, Ruby, and Kate, and THANK YOU for being such positive role models in our FV community!

On the other celebratory note this week, Flora Vista’s got talent! Thank you to our students for their submissions for our 2ndAnnual Virtual Talent Show, and thank you to Jeff Ladman for compiling these into a film for our community – it was SO fun to watch and learn about our students’ talents and passions! (Check it out HERE; password FV2021.)

We are busily planning for the end of this year AND our opening next year – Tuesday, August 17! While we expect school to be 5 full days, we don’t yet know the answers to the questions that we all have: Masks? Cohorts? Distancing? These answers will emerge from the CDPH guidance in place as of August 17, and since we can’t predict what that will look like ahead of time, please know our EUSD committees will have solid plans in place for ALL scenarios! There will be one more Principal’s Chat, on June 3 at 4pm. I’ll update you with everything I know, and as always, please see Dr. Grey’s updates for the most up-to-date information. (Previous updates are posted at

In Gratitude,

Principal Juarez

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