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Start with "Hello."

Dear Flora Vista Community Members,

This week, our students have been taking part in Start with Hello Week. Start with Hello is a project of Sandy Hook Promise, and like our TRAC program, it helps to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness, teaching students the skills they need to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with loneliness and/or social isolation. An inclusive school community creates a support network for every child, and a safer, more connected school for all.

Start with Hello launched with assemblies on Monday, continues with a scavenger hunt, chalk art messages, and myriad classroom connections throughout the week, then concludes with “HEY DAY!” on Friday (all students/staff wear “Hello, My Name is____” nametags). If you would like to support your child in submitting an entry in the Start with Hello Student Voices Contest, info is HERE (grades 2 and up, Oct 18 deadline).


This Thursday: An evening with Superintendent Dr. Andree Grey & TRAC Teacher

Kelsey Ryan

  • Hear more about TRAC, Start with Hello, and other EUSD happenings!

Volunteer Trainings: Oct 7 (8:05am) & Oct 8 (6:10pm), MPR

  • About 30 minutes plus any questions/discussion

Safety Plan Public Review (SSC Meeting): Oct 8, 2:30pm, Media Center

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to another year of continuing our partnership together!

Chris Juarez


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