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'Tis the Season for Gratitude!

Dear Flora Vista Families,

This certainly is the season of holidays for our families - around 15 holidays this time of year in the major religions of the world! Our teachers are very thoughtful and intentional about creating inclusive communities in our classrooms. Inclusiveness is one of the bedrock components of an emphasis on Civic Learning (and of simply being a kind person), as it speaks to understanding the perspectives of others. This understanding threads through so much of what we do at Flora Vista and in EUSD, and we are happy to have you and your family in our community! We recognize that families have many demands on their time, especially this time of year. We have over 230 parents that have completed all or most of the volunteer training requirements, which is an astounding figure – THANK YOU! And we have many more parents who, while they may not be here on site helping, are staying in close communication with their teacher, reading with their child at home, helping with homework, and making all those daily sacrifices we make as parents to get a child prepared and to school on time every day. It is noticed and appreciated, and we are happy you are at Flora Vista!

In Gratitude,

Chris Juarez


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